Today is Pink Shirt Day

If you see people going about their business in pink shirts today, take a moment to think about bullying and what you can to do help to prevent it. Bullying occurs in the workplace, in the schoolyard, online or within your group of friends. If you or someone you know is being bullied, don’t turn a blind eye. Do something about it — you just might end up saving a life.

Visit the official Pink Shirt Day website to find out about events going on to support Pink Shirt Day in your neighborhood.

There is clear correclation between bullying and suicide. Some kids resort to suicide because they are being bullied.  Often kids who are picked on are often more vulnerable to depression, so it can be life saving to be able to reconize the signs of depression and to know what to do to help children and young adults being victimized.

Boys are more often victims of physical bullying while girls tend to be ostrazied, teased and harrassed online, through text messaging or other forms of isolation. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, so don’t assume that boys will never feel the pain of a facebook attack or girls the pain of a physical attack.

Talk about bullying to your children — make sure it is not a taboo subject around your dinner table — give your kids the tools to deal with being bullied or with helping a freind in that situation.

And put on some pink!